CD templates for download. Each link contains a PDF template.
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CD Onbody

Vinyl CD Onbody

CD Booklet Stitched (all pages)

Booklet Pagination Spread

CD Inlay

6 Page CD Rollfold Booklet

8 Page CD Rollfold Booklet

Card Wallet

1CD Double Wallet

2CD Double Wallet

1CD, 4PG Digipack & Booklet Slot

1CD, 4PG Digipack

1CD, 4PG Digipack with CD & Booklet Pocket

1CD, 4PG Digsleeve with CD Pocket & Booklet Slot

1CD, 4PG Digsleeve with CD Pocket

1CD, 6PG Digipack

2CD, 6PG Digipack

J-Card 2PG

J-Card 4PG